Battery Operated Vibrators

Battery Operated Vibrators

Choosing your Battery operated vibrator!

Battery operated vibrators can come in different colours, shapes & sizes.

When buying a battery operated vibrator, the selection can sure be overwhelming with so many types and styles of battery operated vibrators that are online to choose from. There are rechargeable types using common AA or AAA batteries as well as those that can be recharged through a USB type charging connector or with a power adapter that plugs into a common wall plug power socket.

Be prepared. Check to see if batteries are included with your purchase. Shipping carriers class some batteries as a Dangerous Goods which means they are not always included in prepackaged purchases.

You need to ask yourself what type of orgasms am I looking for? is it a clitoral, anal or g-spot orgasm?

Once you know what you are looking for, then you can choose from our selection of battery operated G-spot vibes, Rabbit vibes, Clitoral vibes, or anal vibrators.

Some battery operated Vibes have 1 motor and some have 2 motors. Vibes come with different speeds and functions modes ranging from light tremors to earth shacking pulsations and escalations.

The correct vibrator makes it so much easier to reach that ultimate orgasm. Browse through our collection of sex toys for women and men. Read our customer reviews to help you pick the best vibrator.

G-Spot Mini Vibrator

G-Spot Mini Vibrator

The Mini Mifeier hypoallergenic silicone G Spot Vibrator

The G-Spot Mini Mifeier Vibrator is made of high quality, ecologically safe, hypoallergenic, patented premium medical silicone. This exciting G-Spot Vibrator has strong stimulating power from it’s powerful motor in the tip.

The G-Spot Vibrator with 10 quiet vibration modes

The G-Spot Mini Mifeier Vibrator is wonderfully quiet even with its very powerful motor and 10 vibration modes.  exploring which combination of 3 speeds and 7 patterns works best for you.

The powerful G-Spot Vibrator

The powerful vibrations are concentrated at the tip of the G-Spot vibrator, right where users can most enjoy them, and the firm yet flexible body makes perfect placement a breeze, The tip of the vibrator apply an exact length and intensity of compression which conforms perfectly the women’s body and includes attention to the G-Spot location.

Flexible Vibe for G Spot stimulation

This lovely soft and flexible vibe features a delicately curved slim shaft-ideal for easy manipulation C-Spot and G-Spot stimulation. This delivers just precise degree of pleasure you want, exactly when and where you need it.  The curve and shape of the bulbous head is specifically designed to deliver incredible G-spot stimulation, and the shaft is ergonomically shaped to fit the curves of a woman’s anatomy.

Special Features of the Mini Mifeier Sex Toy

A special feature of this sex toy lies in it’s simultaneous stimulation of the two sides of the vagina (G-Spot and the opposite side): a sensation that cannot be obtained while using a regular vibrator. Mini Mifeier G Spot Vibrator is smooth,  incredibly powerful and contoured for intense G-spot stimulation . Indulge in the array of 10 intense vibration modes, directing the soft , and angled silicone tip to the G-spot for incredible pleasure. Correct stimulation of this area can give new and unforgettable sensations to a women.

The sex toy for beginners

The fabulous Mini Mifeier G Spot Vibrator with  10 powerful modes G-spot vibrator is perfect for sex toy beginners, or for those having trouble finding their G-spot. The combination of the bulbous tip, perfectly contoured form and soft silicone finish expertly massage the sensitive nerve endings of the G-spot for satisfying sensations and powerful orgasms.

How do I use this Vibrator?

Easy. Cycle through the G-Spot Vibrator 10 vibrating modes using the large easy-to-press button on the base of the G-spot Vibrator, the speeds are easily controlled with a simple push button on the bottom of the vibrator.

Perfect Battery Operated Vibe

Find and tantalise pleasure points you never knew you had, with this battery operated vibe, perfectly formed G-spot vibe. Tease your clit or insert its angled, tapered tip for precision G-spot stimulation.


Length 5.83 inch and Diameter 1.06 inch

Powerful motor for high performance

10 Modes Maximum Pleasure


Cordless wand runs on 1 AAA batteries ( not included )

Medical grade silicone

Designed for many years of regular use

G-Spot and Clitoral orgasm stimulation

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Battery Operated Mini Mifeier G-Spot Vibe
Mini Mifeier G-Spot Vibe
G-Spot Vibrator Dana

G-Spot Vibrator Dana

G-Spot Vibrator Dana

Dana hypoallergenic silicon G-Spot Vibrator

The G-Spot Vibrator Dana is made of high quality, ecologically safe, hypoallergenic, patented premium medical silicone. This exciting G-Spot Vibrator Sex Toy from Dream Lover now has 100% extra stimulating power from it’s 2 powerful motors – 1 in each tip.

The sex toy with 12 quiet vibration modes for much

The Battery Operated Dana G-Spot Vibrator is wonderfully quiet even with it’s very powerful motors and 12 vibration modes.

Enjoy the ultimate erotic experience with this curvy and sophisticated silicone vibe, the Dana Vibrator delivers incredible power exactly where you want it for guaranteed excitement.

Using the Dana Vibrator for G-Spot stimulation

The tips of the Dana vibe apply an exact length and intensity of compression which conforms perfectly the women’s body and includes attention to the G-Spot location, correct stimulation of this area can give new unforgettable sensations to a women.

Dana Vibrator brighter and longer-lasting G-Spot Orgasms

It is, of course, well-know that the orgasm reached by Dana stimulation is brighter and longer-lasting than that achieved by clitoral stimulation. Feel exotic vibrations with this wickedly curvy and powerful vibrator, the Dana Vibrator has two motors, one in the tip of the shaft to target your G-Spot, and one in the flexible clitoral stimulator.

Independent motor controls let you use the shaft or stimulator vibration separately – then use both motors at once for an explosively good time! Its rigid outer shaft is molded from ultra-smooth silicone, and shaped to match your body’s natural curves for comfortable and effective internal stimulation.

Special features of the Dana vibe

A special feature of the Dana massager lies in it’s simultaneous stimulation of these two sides of vagina ( G-Spot and the opposite side )

a sensation that cannot be obtained while using a regular vibrator.

The stimulator in front has a flexible neck, when vibrations are active, the stimulator ‘bobs’ or thrums toward the shaft.

The shaft and the clitoral stimulator boast separate motors, this clever vibe lets you use either separately, or both together! Press the dedicated motor button at the Evolved Dana Vibrator’s base to feel concentrated power in the stimulator, press again to feel it in the tip of the shaft, and press it once more to set both motors buzzing at once.

Opposite the motor button, you’ll find the function and on/off button. Press and hold to turn on or off. Once on, tap to cycle through the Dana’s 12 vibration functions. Experience low, medium, and high steady vibration, plus pulsation, waves, and more.

Want to get wet and wild with this vibrator? It’s a waterproof sex toy, so feel free.


Smooth multi-featured dual motor vibrator

Made with 100% silicone

166 mm x 56 x mm 43 mm

Curvy shaft with bulbous G-Spot tip

Bobbing’ clit stimulator thrums against hot spots

12 vibration functions including pulsation and escalation

Independent motor controls: shaft, clit stim, or both at once

Runs on 2 AAA batteries ( not included )


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Battery Operated Dana G-Spot Vibrator
G-Spot Vibrator Dana