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While a soft vibrator of reasonable size might feel good inside the vagina, most women find they receive the greatest pleasure when it is held against their clitoris.

Vibrator’s differ in design and in the intensity of their vibrations, and some women need to experiment with a couple before finding one they like.

Hard plastic vibrator’s may not be suited for internal stimulation, but many manufacturers have figured this out and are making softer and more user-friendly models.

Some of the more creative ones have an attachment that stimulates the clitoris when the main body of the cylindrical vibrator is inserted.

While most vibrators are battery operated, several electric vibrators have become popular.

These are often sold as body massagers and work well when used on sore muscles, but they are used sexually much more often.

Many online “adult toy stores” sell a wide variety of vibrating toys.

The important thing to remember is that vibrator’s are very efficient and many women use them, but you will not become addicted to one. In fact, many couples play back and forth with vibrators and some have figured how to use one during intercourse.

Vibrator’s are good for you Sure, they help you orgasm¬†without requiring the pesky presence of a male,

but “good for you” also relates to health.

Studies have shown that women who use vibrators are more likely to have had their annual gynecological exam than women who don’t use them. So, essentially, as you’re giving yourself the gift of clitoral stimulation, you’re also more mindful of your vaginal health.

That’s a win-win in our book.



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