Doggie Bud

Doggie Bud

Hi Guys this Doggie Bud is a must to see if you like a good guard dog,

Now picture this you love love drinking your alcohol beverages but love your Bud Light beer so very much,

What if your dog also loves drinking your Bud Light beer ??

What if your dog will protect this beer from your friends ??

now that can be a good thing right ? which will mean much more beer for you right ? RIGHT

Now you go to reach for the box of your lovely Bud Light beer,

but now you are faced with another situation, as your dog is now protecting the beer from not only your friends but also from you !

What this is outrages the dog is getting grumpy as you reach for the box, your dog is claiming your beloved Bud Light beer.

Funny situation these guys are facing,


Doggie Bud

Funny Stuff

Funny Stuff

Hi Guys you need to check this out,

Sorry guys unfortunately this is not in English, but it’s not hard to work out what is going on in this situation.

Picture your self in this situation geeing your mate up and watching your mate pretend he is drowning to get the full attention of the look alike Baywatch life guards,

Wow to your amazement it look like it’s working, 2 lovely, very sexy, and beautiful women spot him from the watch tower looking like his in serious trouble, they come running to his rescue,

In Baywatch fashion 2 sexy women running in slow motion, there breast bouncing up and down and they run down the beach,

Eventually reaching the water and dragging him out to the shall waters,

one women then start to give him mouth to mouth while the other is doing CPR on him,

To his friends amazement it’s seems to be working and he can’t believe what he is seeing.!!

So then it rains on him let me try this and have a pairs of sexy bomb shells all over him,

what happens next is soo funny, watch an see.

Funny Stuff