Cool Facts1

Cool Facts1

High Flier,

David Smith Sr. found a novel way to beat the lines at the Mexican border.

The human cannonball was launched headfirst over the rusty fence between San Diego California, and Tijuana Mexico,

Landing in a net on the Mexican beach.

Smith had special permission to cross the border this bizarre way, but he carried his passport, which he waved as he flew through the air.

The one time math teacher has been fired from a cannon around 9,000 times without breaking a single bone and has raised a high flying family , his son and two daughters and a cousin are all human projectiles.


Motoring Mystery,

How could “Texas Zeke” Shumway from Dallas Texas, drive cars and motorcycles more than 50,000 miles but never get more than 25 feet his starting point?

The answer is that he set off from the center of a 46 foot wide motordrome and drove round and round the track.

Motordromes were popular during the 1920’s and early 1930’s.

The tracks banked up to 60 degrees, creating high G-force on drivers.

Spectators watching from above were at great risk if a car lost control.

After a number of accidents involving fans and drivers,

motordromes were gradually replaced by dirt tracks.


Soaring Centenarian,

While most centenarians in the UK are happy with a card from the queen,

this British great grandmother chose to mark her hundredth birthday in a more exciting way by paragliding from the top of the Five Finger Mountains in Cyprus.

Peggy McAlpine who did a bungee jump at the age of 80, leaped from the 2,500 foot peak and enjoyed a 15 minute tandem flight before sharing a bottle of Champagne with her family.

Currently the worlds oldest paraglider, she is hoping to repeat the experience when she reaches 105.


Rocket Roller,

At first professional inline skater Dirk Auer was more interested in distance than speed,

spending several weeks skating through Spain, then nonstop from Frankfurt to Munich Germany, in less than 24 hours.

Then he turned his talents to more extreme stunts , including skating down a roller coaster while holding a glass of water and straight down the wall of high rise building.

The German daredevil reaches unbelievable speeds.

With a jet pack strapped to his back, he zoomed 117 miles per hour through a tunnel in the city of Darmtadt Germany.

In 2007 strapped to three jet engines , he took on an Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster in a half mile race on the British TV show Top Gear sadly he lost.




Cool Facts1

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