Cool Facts2

Cool Facts2

Thinking Big,

Joshua Taylor doesn’t have to go shopping for a Halloween costume.

He just needs to choose from his collection of more than 400 masks.

Nine year old Joshua from West Jefferson, North Carolina, has been mad about masks since he was a toddler.

When he was younger his favorite movie was the Haunted Mask and he began wearing a werewolf mask at every opportunity.

He even started making his own masks using sliced sausage and tortillas, as well as the more common material paper mache,

before being given a rubber mask making kit for Christmas.

Since then Joshua has come up with extraordinary range of designs, and his family is planning to make him a basement workshop so he can indulge his talent to the full.

Joshua’s creepy collection features all kinds of monsters, ghouls, werewolves, skeletons, and aliens along with the occasional superhero.

Anyone who breaks into his house could be in for a freight.


Sole Obsession,

Darlene Flynn takes calls on a phone that looks like a red stiletto,

eats of plates decorated with shoes, and reads by a shoe shaped lamp.

In fact almost everything in her house in Romoland California, resembles or is decorated with a shoe,

but the major part of her collection can be found in the display cases that line her living room.

Here more than 700 tiny shoes jostle for space with shoe thimbles and other shoe themed curios.

Darlene has spent around $200,000 on the 7,765 items of shoe memorabilia.

But one of her favorite pieces was a Christmas gift from her son, a shoe made of coins worth $15.07 that he spent 40 hours gluing together.


Flush With Success,

As a plumber Barney Smith must have seen a few toilet seats during his work life.

Now that he’s retired, his garage museum in San Antonia Texas, is lined from floor to ceiling with hundreds of them.

It all started 30 years ago, when he glued a seat of deer antlers to a toilet seat lid.

Now his collection features license plates, Boy Scout badges, Pokemon cards, False teeth and even a small piece of wreckage from the Challenger space shuttle.

The one thing he doesn’t have is a functioning toilet seat the museum has no bathroom.



Cool Facts2

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