Cool Facts4

Cool Facts4

Towering Achievement,

Thousand of visitors to the Legoland theme park in England have helped build a record breaking tower.

It took four days of hard work and almost half a million bricks to complete the tower, which stands almost 100 feet tall.

Children built eight inch sections that were lifted into place by a crane, then the final brick was placed by Lego engineer,

Bo Dahl Knudsen.

The tower is designed to look like a viking longboat mast to mark the opening of the Land of Vikings attraction and to celebrate Lego’s 50th birthday.


To the Point,

It takes the warrior monks of Shaolin Monastery, in Henan Province in China, the birthplace of kung fu, three to ten years to master the skills of this unique martial art.

Imitating the movements of fighting animals, the monks perform extraordinary physical feats as they scale walls, walk over knives, stand on their fingertips , break bricks over each other, and balance their bodies on the tips of spears.

Founded in the fifth century, the Buddhist monastery has been destroyed and rebuilt many times.


 Feat of Clay,

Pioneering potter Peter Lange loves bricks, but the way he uses them might raise an eyebrow.

His two tone 20 foot long brick boat, with its corrugated iron sails, made its maiden voyage on April Fools Day, 2002.

The idea came to the New Zealander when he was working inside a kiln and was reminded of sitting under a boat.

It took him three months to make the boat using 676 bricks and it made a successful voyage around Auckland harbor.

His other unlikely brickworks include bags, teapot, a bu,per car, a “paper” plane, and a airbed.


Anyone for Tennis,

Tennis stars Roger Federer and Andre Agassi took the sport to new heights during their friendly game on the helipad at Dubai’s sail shaped Burj Al Arab hotel, which is set on a man made island.

The helipad is 692 feet high, with an area of only 496 square yards.

They couldn’t find any volunteers to act as ball boys, unsurprisingly, and eventually they had to give up after losing all the hotels tennis balls.




cool facts4

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