Cool Facts6

Cool Facts6

Blind Ambition,

Miles Hilton Barber lost his sight in his twenties, but it hasn’t stopped him from seeking out challenging adventures.

Now in his late fifties, Hilton-Barber , from Derbyshire in England, has hauled a sled more than 250 miles across Antarctica.

Also completed the 150 mile Marathon des Sables across the Sahara Desert, raced the 11 day Ultra-Marathon across China,

climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Blanc, performed more than 40 skydives, and piloted a micro-light from London, England to Sydney Australia, a journey of 13,360 miles, with a slighted co-pilot.


Loud Colours,

Neil Harbisson always painted in black and white because that was all he saw.

The British artist suffers from achromatopsia, or complete colour blindness.

Then he met cybernetics expert Adam Montandon, who came to lecture at his art college.

Montandon decided to try to solve Neil’s disability and invented the Eyeborg, a system that converts the way in which colours reflect light at different frequencies ( with violet light vibrating the fastest and red the slowest ) into sound.

Now Neil can hear 360 colours.


Seeing Is Believing,

*Dominic Head of London was born with such weak eyelids he had to tip his head backwards to see.

Doctors took a strip of tendon from his thigh and used it to link his eyelids with his forehead muscle to allow him to open his eyes.

*Although he has a co-pilot in case of emergencies, blind Steve Cunningham from Banbury England,

takes full control of his plane, using talking computer software that updates him on its height, position, and speed.

*After giving birth to her first baby, British mother Mandy Rotchell, who was partially blinded after suffering from glaucoma,

was warned that she might lose her sight entirely if she had any more children.

Now the proud mother of nine is legally blind but has never regretted giving up her sight for her large family.


Cool Facts6

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