Crazy Things

Crazy Things

Stretch Your Legs,

Australian Jewgenij Kuschnow held a side split position between two cars for an impressive 36.48 seconds during the impossibility Challenge in Dachau in Germany, on March 30th 2008.

This Annual event attracts competitors with all kinds of unusual talents,

such as juggling with a ball and two chain saws, tearing up telephone directories, making tiny paper ships, and nonstop laughing.

Cannonball Catcher,

Pain proof fitness instructor Ken Richmond has a stomach of steel.

His shows of strength include having a wrecking ball collide with his belly, having a cannonball dropped on his head, and having a cannonball fired at his stomach.

As the cannon prepares to fire, Richmond tenses his belly.

When the cannonball hits, he starts to double up and is thrown backward by the impact, falling into the straw bales behind him.


Hold On Tight,

Called ” Game for brave people,” this eye wateringly high swing has been set up on the 700 foot high viewing platform of a TV tower in Heilongjiang Province China.

The swing takes people beyond the platforms edge, over the city of Harbin.

At 1,100 feet, the tower is the worlds second highest steel tower, after the Kiev Tower in Ukraine.


Ready For A Bite,

Georges Christen from Luxembourg started bending nails as a teenager.

Soon he turned his attention to tearing a deck of playing cards, then telephone directories.

His next tools were his teeth,

In 1987 he used them to stop a fully revved 110 horsepower Cessna plane from taking off,

then using both arms and his teeth , he held back three Cessna’s.

In 1991 he pulled a 100 ton ship 100 yards upstream.

Later he turned a 65 tone, 150 foot high Ferris wheel with his teeth.

On one occasion Christen bit into a table and carried it with his teeth while some one sat on top.




Crazy Things

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