New Cars

New Cars

Water Wheels,

The road does not stop at the sea this ultra light concept car.

At the push of a button, the Rinspeed Splash transforms into an amphibious vehicle,

and an integrated hydrofoil system enables the Splash to “fly” two feet above the water.

Powered by a 750cc natural gas engine, the vehicle reaches speeds up to 125 miles per hour as a sports car,

30 miles per hour as a boat, and 50 miles per hour as a hydrofoil.

The bodywork is made of a state of the art plastic normally reserved for Formula One racing cars.


Truck Transformer, 

Brazilian Olisio da Silva and his two sons,

28 year old Marcus and 20 year old Marco, have created a real time Transformer.

Accompanied by loud music, smoke, and flashing lights, the body of their ordinary looking Kia Besta van rears up and,

six minutes later, it has morphed into a 12 foot robot.

It took the da Silva family from Sau Paulo nine months and $122,000 to create the Super Robo Car.


Fly Drive,

Jim and Chris Milner’s AirCar might get you out of a jam.

At the flick of a switch, the car unfolds its giant wings to reveal a pair of propeller engines.

Jim Milner, a former pilot, always dreamed of building a flying car.

His son Chris, an engineer based in Bethesda, Maryland, hopes to turn the dream into a reality.

On the road the vehicle will reach top speed of 85 miles per hour,

in the air it will cruise at 200 miles per hour at 25,000 feet.

The AirCar could be on sale by 2010.


Catch a Wave, 

Where would you find a wave in the middle of the dessert ?

Sculpted by wind and water,

The wave, a spectacular rock formation south of the Utah Arizona border, was once a field of Jurassic sand dunes,

perhaps home to Stegosaurus and Allosaurus.

The soft sandstone is so fragile that the number visitors is restricted to 20 a day, then chosen from an online lottery

and ten pickedusing bingo balls at the entrance to the trial.


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