Weird Facts

Weird Facts

Dream Screens,

TV sets are not normally huggable, but this cute blue elephant is just asking for a squeeze.

Choose from a zooful of animal designs including a zebra, a giraffe, and a monkey.

If cuddling the TV is not your thing, there are fire trucks, big rigs, and steam locomotives too.

The TV in the shape of a box of fries with a ketchup packet remote could have you reaching for the phone to order a burger.

For a healthier option, try the apple complete with leaves and a stalk.


Going Green,

Beijing’s Zero Energy Media Wall is not just colourful, it’s green too.

The worlds largest colour LED display is composed of 2,292 lights and covers a massive 24,000 square feet,

as well as being powered by the latest photovoltaic technology.

Visible from up to half a mile away, it absorbs sunlight during the day and uses the energy to create a fantastic night time show.

The wall is expected to display sporting events, video art, weather forecasts, and video gaming, while the building will house the city’s first exhibition of media art.


Find The Person,

Australian artist Emma Hack had her first taste of body art as a teenager, painting children’s faces at parties for pocket money.

After studying makeup artistry at college, she was inspired to create her 3-D ” living wallpaper.”

The process is exhausting for both artist and model because it can take up to 19 hours to painstakingly copy the patterns onto the model’s body.

Hack sometimes includes animals in her wallpaper works and has recently started painting on cows and hourses too.


Pencil Palace,

The three story stairwell of Jaina Davis’s San Francisco home is plastered with pencils.

Jaina say’s she’s always loved office supplies, so she was happy to go along with mosaic artist Jason Mecier when he suggested taking the pencil theme to extremes.

The project which used 92,626 pencils, took five years to complete and cost $50,000.

The designs include a futuristic pencil portrait of Jaina when she reaches her 80s, a compass cactus forest, wind chimes made of rulers, and a built in notepad.





Weird Facts

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