Key By Jopen Stella 1

Jopen Kegel Balls

The Key By Jopen Stella 1 Kegel Balls made of high quality, ecologically safe, hypoallergenic, patented premium medical silicone. They are made of solid, seamless super smooth silicone.

Product Type: Balls, Kegel

Stimulation Zone : Vaginal

Extra Features: Waterproof, Retrieve Cord

Size: Length 2.5cm x 7.5cm, 2.5cm at 30g, second ball 2.5 cm at 40g

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Key By Jopen Stella 1

Stella 1 Kegel Balls

Key By Jopen Stella 1 – The Stella 1 Kegel Balls by Jopen are made of high quality, ecologically safe, hypoallergenic, patented premium solid, seamless super smooth medical silicone. Recommended for women over 30 years old and/or women who have experienced childbirth.

Key Stella 1 Graduated Kegel Ball Set

Jopen have designed a new range of kegel balls, with different sizes for everyone. The Jopen Stella 1 kegel balls can be used by all women, all ages, beginners and regular users. They can help improve pelvic floor and vaginal muscles, they are recommended by gynecologists, doctors and midwives all over the world, the muscles that need exercising will automatically start working once the ball is inside.

Sizes of Stella 1 Kegel Balls

The Stella 1 kegel balls have a retrieval loop at the end of the harness for easy removal, the size 2.5cm x 7.5cm, 1 balls is 2.5 cm 30g, second ball is 2.5cm 40g.

Kegel Balls Features:

2.5cm x 7.5cm (overall)
2.5cm (each ball diameter)
One set of weighted balls (30g and 40g)
One single ball holder with retrieval loop
Wrapped in body safe silicone
Lavender Colour


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