Genuine Love Magic Wand 20 Speed / Modes Rechargeable Massager, Vibrator Purple

Cordless Genuine Love Magic Massager

The Love Magic Massager which has a removable head to fit many similar size attachment, use your personal like attachment by one wand vibrator rather than buy other wand vibrators.

Speed Functions

The Love Magic Massager has a combination of a whopping 20 function modes of speeds and pulsating vibration modes.


This size of the Magic Massager is 32cm in length and 5cm in width, great hand held cordless massager.

Cordless Massager

The Love Magic Massager is cordless, and charged with a power adapter by plugging it into the bottom of the massager and into the power socket in your wall.


Cordless Love Magic Vibrator

The Love magic vibrator wand is a personal cordless body massager that you won’t want to put down.

The cushioned head of this masager allows for a most pleasurable experience . This means you are able to use it while sitting in a chair or lying in bed Nothing delivers relaxation or stimulation quite like a personal massager.

Love Magic Massager Functions

The Love Magic Massager has 20 function modes and bendable neck , with its 20 function modes of control you can find the speed that best suits your needs . Use the Massager vibrator all over your body, for your sore muscles. This massager offers 20 Speed Magic Wand Massager, and light or deep rubbing, while the vibrations relieve tension or deliver sensation. Make it a gift for yourself or someone you love!

Massagers Powerful Motor 

The Love Magic has a powerful motor, you can find the exact speed you desire. The love magic personal massager offers a uniquely gratifying experience with every strong vibration it delivers . Use the love magic to massage away any unwanted tension, offering release where you need it most. Bendable neck so that you can angle the head to the exact location you are looking for. My love magic wand is sure to delight , thrill and satisfy with most intense power available .

Love Magic Massager other uses

There are also other uses for this Love Magic Massager being used for, Neck & back pain, Nerve injury, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Partial paralysis due to stroke, Stress, Strained or sore muscles.


  • Cordless and Rechargeable
  • Adjustable 20 speeds / pulsations
  • Massages neck, arms, legs, back and clitoris
  • Soft Silicone Massage Head and Flexible Neck
  • Quiet vibrations
  • Power source 240 volts
  • This is 32 cm in length and has 5 cm diameter head
  • Unique Hi torque motor
  • 7000 rpm
  • A removable head to fit many similar size attachments


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