Rocket Tickler Attachment | Libo Bullet Attachment

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Jelly Tickler

Fabulous Tickler is the perfect attachment for sex toy beginners. Made of jelly materials.

Product Type: Vibrator Attachment

Stimulation Zone: Clitoral, G-Spot

Size: Jelly Tickler Length 13.5 cm, Head Tickler: 2.5 cm, Brush Tickler: 2 cm

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Rocket Tickler Attachment 

The Rocket Tickler attachment is made of jelly body safe materials, easy to use and easy to clean.

Using the Tickler Attachment  

This Rocket Tickler is made for the Rechargeable Libo wired egg vibrator, simply slip in onto the egg and transform your egg vibrator into a dual stimulator. Now you can have clitoral and g-spot stimulations at the same time.

Jelly Tickler

The removable jelly tickler is great for g-spot and clitoral stimulation. The tip of the tickler is angled, making this ideal and easy to reach your g-spot. Bumps on the head add more sensations once inserted into the vagina.

The other tickler has brush like style sticking out, this is good for clitoral massage. The tip of the tickler is inserted in the vagina whilst the brush like tickler massages your clit.


Rocket Tickler Features

Jelly Tickler Size:Length 13.5 cm
Head Tickler: 2.5 cm
Brush Tickler: 2 cm
Purple Colour


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