Scorpio Massager Double Ended Vibrator

Double Ended Libo Scorpio Massager, Vibrator

The Scorpio Massager has a unique style, being double ended. Can be used for precision massaging, also tail end is used for g-spot stimulation.

Sex Toy Type: Massager, Vibrator

Stimulation Zone: Full body Massager, Clitoral, G-Spot

Battery Type: Rechargeable battery via magnetic USB cable

Extra Features: 2 in 1 Massager, Waterproof, Cordless, Powerful, G-Spot Vibrator, Ejaculation Mode, 2 Motors, Dual Stimulators

Vibration Modes: 8 Modes in the top of the massager, 8 Modes in the bottom end of the massager, Ejaculation mode / 1 for each end of massager

Size: Length 250mm, 45 mm, 44 mm

Warranty: One Year Warranty

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Scorpio Massager Double Ended Vibrator

Scorpio Double Ended Massager and G-Spot Vibrator

The Scorpio Massager Double ended vibrator has a tail specially design for g-spot stimulation, and is made from hypoallergenic, patented premium medical grade high quality silicone.

Ejaculation Mode

The Scorpio massager vibrator has a new feature which is the H button, this is called a ejaculation mode. For those about to ejaculate and need extra and strong stimulation to finish them off. Once this H button is pressed the massager will vibrate hard and fast for 12 seconds then go back to normal settings.

Powerful Double Ended Massager

The beautiful Scorpio Massager has 2 extremely powerful independently controlled motors. One in the tip and the other towards the bottom of the massager. The double ended massager can be used for all over massage, neck, back, shoulder pains and clitoral massage.

Top End of the Scorpio Massager

The head of the massager is very flexible and you can exert the pressure required. Due to the high rotational speed, the vibration makes the silicone head a pleasant massage all over the body. Greatly used for clitoral stimulation as well.

Bottom End Scorpio Vibrator

The bottom of the Scorpio massager has a tail, specially designed for G-Spot stimulation, now your massager turns into a powerful vibrator, a G-Spot vibrator and can be used for penetration.

Rechargeable Scorpio Massager

The Scorpio Massager is fully rechargeable via new magnetic usb cable, can be charged in any usb port.

Scorpio Massager Mode Functions

This unique Scorpio massager has 8 vibration modes in the top of the massager, also 8 modes in the bottom end of the massager which can be independently controlled , or vibrate at the same time. 1 Ejaculation mode which can be used at either end, giving this amazing Scorpio total of 18 function modes.

Massager Features

Scorpio Massager Features

Double ended massager
2 Extremely powerful independently controlled motors
Dual Stimulators
1 Year Warranty
Medical Grade Silicone
Rechargeable ( via magnetic USB cord, included )
8 Separate modes in the top of the massager
8 Separate modes in the bottom end of the massager
Ejaculation mode / 1 for each end of massager
Soft Silicone Massage Head and Flexible Neck
Unique Hi torque Hitachi motor
Massages neck, arms, legs, back
Clitoral massager ( clitoral stimulation )
G-Spot vibrator ( g-spot stimulation )
Length 250mm, 45 mm, 44 mm
Purple colour massager


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