Cool Facts

Cool Facts

Pool Prodigy,

Did you know that when a 2 year old Korbyn Horomona started swimming lessons ?

Her coach quickly realized she had a special talent and predicted that she would be able to swim 1,000 yards by the age of three.

The coach was right Korbyn achieved her 1,000 yard goal, using a mix of freestyle and backstroke.

But she did not stop there, Korbyn just turned around and kept swimming until she had completed an astonishing 1,750 yards,

or almost a mile,

It took the Australian toddler an hour and a half to swim further than most kids her age would be able to walk.


Speedy Scot,

How about Scottish cyclist Mark Beaumont became the fastest man to ride around the world,

when he crossed the finishing line at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris 195 days after setting out.

Smashing the previous record by 81 days, he pedaled 18,297 miles and traveled through 20 countries.

He suffered food poisoning in Pakistan, was knocked of his bike three times ( by a donkey, a motor bike, and a car ),

was robbed in Louisiana, and had to ride through torrential rains and fierce headwinds, but he says  he never felt like giving up.

Hair-Raising Cut,

We all know that you’re not suppose to run with scissors, and nowadays you’re not even allowed to take them on a plane.

But it seems that no one Israeli hair dresser Oren Orkobi.

Having already completed an underwater haircut, Orkobi took hair styling to the opposite extreme and cut the hair of diving instructor

Sharon Har Noy, while skydiving 14,000 feet above Habonim beach Israel,

Orkobi had one minute to complete the haircut.


Jogging Giant,

Lloyd Scott ran the 2008 London Marathon dressed as a nine foot tall robot.

Based on the character from the movie The Iron Giant, the 70 pound costume had stilts in  the legs,

a moving mouth, and eyes that lit up.

Scott a leukemia survivor has raised more than $5 million pounds ( about 9 million dollars ) for cancer research and other charities,

The former London firefighter crossed the finish line six days after setting off two days faster than in 2006,

when he took part wearing a suit of armor weighing 100 pounds and dragging a 200 pound dragon.


Extreme Feats,

Stefan Minten from Bonn in Germany,

is a professional stair climber, and skyscraper runner.

His record for running to the top of the Empire State Building is 16.34 minutes.

The total length of the stairs he has scaled is greater than the distance from Earth to the moon.


Michal Kapral of Toronto in Canada,

completed the 26 mile Toronto Waterfront Marathon in just two hours 50 minutes and nine seconds,

while juggling three bean bags.

He took two minutes off the previous “joggling” record.


The music of J.S Bach echoed thought a long Swiss automobile tunnel when violin maker Christian Adam of Lubeck Germany,

decided to try playing the violin while cycling backwards.

It took Adam five hours and eight minutes to ride 37.5 miles perched on the handlebars with a music stand fixed to his saddle.


Colorado real estate agent Don Claps performed 1,293 cartwheels in one hour on a live TV show.





Cool Facts

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