Pushing Boundaries

Pushing Boundaries

One Wheel Wonder,

With more than 18 years riding experience, Kris Holm a geologist living in Vancouver in Canada,

is considered to be the worlds greatest mountain uni-cycling rider.

One of the pioneers of the sport, he has appeared in some of the most extreme uni-cycling documentaries, where he performs stunts such as riding along handrails, and over cars, and jumping up steps and bleachers on his one-wheeler.

Mountain uni-cycling, which was created in the late 1980’s, is he art of riding off-road on terrain such as rock, dirt, ice and snow.


Icy Innings,

Old cricket adversaries England and India faced each other across the pitch again in April 2008,

but this match took place in the Arctic, close to the North Pole.

It was there that a group of Indian navy bumped into a team of British explorers, who challenged them to a game.

Because no one had thought to take cricket set with them, they had to improvise with a ball made of taped bungee, using skis as wickets, and a shovel for a bat.

Cricket was not the only game played during the expedition.

One of the British team was a member of the English Bridge Union, and together they played bridge at the North Pole on an ice table.


Fearless Fishermen,

The Khon Phapheng waterfall in Southern Laos is the biggest in Southeast Asia.

During the rainy season a huge volume of water roars over the falls from the Mekong River, which is rich in fish.

Local fisherman take great risks tightrope walking above the jagged rocks and white water so they can fish among the rapids.


The Lion Whisperer,

Animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson, who is based at a wildlife conservation area near Johannesburg, South Africa, has such a bond with his big cats that he can play fight with lions, and is happy to kiss, cuddle, and spend the night curled up with them.

He claims he can make friends with any lion less than a year old, because it is still young enough to accept him as part of its family.

However Richardson once had a close call when an aggressive four year old male started biting him.

Fortunately Richardson’s quick decision to display passive behavior stopped the lion in it’s tracks.


Aerial Antics,

*British couple Darren McWalters and Katie Hodgson exchanged their wedding vows while standing on the wings of two biplanes,

1,000 feet above the ground.

The minister flew ahead on a third aircraft.

*Twice a year, people in Southern China and Southeast Asia climb flimsy bamboo ladders 200 feet above the ground to collect the nests of cave dwelling swifts for birds nest soup, risking certain death if they fall.

*Leaving his plane behind, Swiss pilot Yves Rossy flew for nearly six minutes thousands of feet above the Alps with an eight-foot jet powered wing strapped to his back.

Using the same method in 2008, he crossed the English Channel in under ten minutes.






Pushing Boundaries

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