The Various types of available Vibrators

In this day and age the various types of available Vibrators are available and great range of Sex Toys being sold on the market, so we have created this FAQ’s – About vibrators. Learning about using Sex Toys is a great way for all people to understand and also explore their bodies and their partners bodies, and to find out what they like sexually.

Lots of lube and some patience will pay off when you discover sensitive different parts of your body, specially parts you never knew existed. There are many things sex toys can do which people can’t do, some sex toys vibrate, others can rotate or even twirl, even better more they will never get tired.

Using Adult sex toys is a great tool for solo play and couples play, this will lead to understanding how to enhance your ability to orgasm and please each other. Sex toys are know to bring couples closer and into more intimate relationships sexually.

We have provided this link Sex Toys to our store to understand what types of sex toys there are, more about choosing your right sex toy.

What Types of Vibrators are there?

The are many types of Vibrator sex toys like G-Spot vibrators, Clitoral Vibrators, Classic Vibes, Love eggs, Rabbit vibes, Strap on vibrators, Battery operated vibrators, Rechargeable vibrators and even Vibrating underwear.


There are also Dildo sex toys like Doubled Headed dildo, Glass dildo, Jelly dildo, Metal dildo, Realistic dildo, Kegal balls, and Strap-on dildos.

Male sex toys

There also are Male sex toys like Cock rings, Fleshlights, Male vibrators, Penis pumps, Prostate massagers, Realisitic butts, Realistic vaginas, and Sex dolls.

Anal sex toys

Also there are many Anal sex toys like Beginners anal toys, Butt plugs, Anal beads, Anal dildos, Anal vibrators and Male prostate toys.

Bondage and BDSM sex toys

There is also a range of Bondage and BDSM sex toys like Handcuffs and restraints, Blindfolds and masks, Clitoral and pussy pumps, Spanking paddles and Sex swings.

Male Toys Category of Sex Toys
Male Category of Sex Toys
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