FAQ’s Vibrators

What types of vibrators are there?

There are several types of vibrators for G-Spot, anal and clitoral stimulation.

Which vibrator should I choose?

In choosing the vibrator for you all depends on what stimulation you are looking for.

FAQ’s Vibrators

What is the G-Spot Vibrator and what is it used for?

The G-Spot vibrator is a specially designed sex toys and used for G-Spot stimulation. They are easy to use and designed to stimulate the nub of sensitive nerve endings that lie inside the front wall of the vagina know as the g-spot.

G-Spot Vibes come in all different shapes and sizes and usually featuring a slightly curved tip, they can be a great tool in the bedroom for solo or couples play.

Rechargeable Wanda G-Spot Vibrator
Wanda G-Spot Vibrator

The Cloris vibe is extremely powerful sex toy and can be used for clitoral, G-Spot and anal stimulation all with one vibrator.

Rechargeable Cloris G-Spot Vibrator
Cloris G-Spot Vibe

What is the Clitoral vibrator and what is it used for?

The Clitoral vibrator  is a sex toys designed and used for clitoral stimulation, they are also known as C-Spot vibrators and used for external stimulation without penetration, many of these vibes allow for penetration.

A powerful clitoral stimulater is the Iwand Mini with 18 modes, and the traditional Ultimate Massager with 30 modes.

Love Magic Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator 18 Modes
Iwand Mini Vibe
Nothing delivers relaxation or stimulation quite like a personal massager. Use the Ultimate Magic Massager all over your body, for your sore muscles. This massager offers 30 Speed/Modes, and light or deep rubbing, while the vibrations relieve tension or deliver sensation. Make it a gift for yourself or someone you love!
Magic Massager

What is a Classic Vibrator and what are they used for?

A Classic Vibrator is great for those beginners first sex toys for clitoral stimulation, with a smooth, tapered, and has simple controls, designs and perfect. Also amazing vibes for couples play, as well as first time masturbation tools.

Battery Operated Twister Vibrator
Twister Classic Vibe

What is a Love egg and what is it used for?

The Love eggs vibrator sex toy is a type sensual vibe that is like a bullet or egg shaped and most can be inserted into the vagina or anal canal due to their small size. These vibrators are also known as bullet vibrators or eggs vibrators, all depending on the shape of this toy. Small and discreet size sex toys, and they can be used for g-spot, clitoral and anal stimulation.

Pink MP3 Wireless Egg Vibe
Wireless Egg Love Vibe
Rechargeable Emily Bullet Vibrator
Emily Love Egg Vibrator
Rechargeable Olina Bullet Vibrator
Olina Love Egg Vibe

What is a Rabbit vibe and what is it used for?

The Rabbit vibe is a sex toy used for both g-spot and clitoral stimulation as all rabbit vibrators have a clitoral stimulator and shaft for intense blended orgasms. These vibes can come as battery operated and rechargeable, It is the sex toy no girl should be without.

Purple Triple Action G Spot Vibrator,Battery Operated Triple Action G Spot Vibe
Tripe Action Rabbit Vibe

What is a Rechargeable vibrator?

Rechargeable vibrators are a sex toy that have a built in battery where the toy can be recharged via USB or power point, these are more on the luxury side as you never have to buy batteries and will save you money.

Rechargeable Nuda G-Spot Vibrator
Rechargeable Vibrator

What is a Battery vibrator?

Well the battery operated vibrators are sex toys which need to have batteries replaced on a regular basis. They are still powerful vibes but the downside is spending more money on dead batteries.

Battery Operated Realistic Dildo
Battery Operated Vibe

What is the Strap-on vibrator?

The Strap-on vibrator is a sex toy most used by lesbians and gay couples, it is very similar to regular strap-on but with added sensations of a vibrating dildo which is attached to a harness which is worn around the waist. They can be used for vaginal and anal sex.

Strap-on Harness Dildo
Strap on Vibrator