New 30 Speed Ultimate Magic Massager

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Ultimate Magic Massager

The Powerful Ultimate Magic Massager which comes with a removable head, to fit many similar size attachments. You can transform your personal massager into a vibrator with the correct attachments.

Sex Toy Type


Stimulation Zone

Full Body, Clitoral

Battery Type

Plug in electric Massager

Vibration Modes

30 Function Modes

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Ultimate Magic Massager 30 Speed

The Ultimate Magic Massager is wonderfully quiet even with it’s very powerful motor, and 30 vibration modes. The whisper quite motor will cycle through 30 soothing patterns of vibrations, allowing you to choose your favorite sensual setting. This allows you to more easily create your own massage technique of either gentle or strong massage, each carrying unique benefits of their own. It also deliver’s 9000 rpm which is very powerful.

Using the full body Massager

Nothing delivers relaxation or stimulation quite like a personal massager, Use the Ultimate Magic Massager all over your body, for your sore muscles. This massager offers 30 Speed/Modes, and light or deep rubbing, while the vibrations relieve tension or deliver sensation. Make it a gift for yourself or someone you love.

Using the Vibrating Massager for Clitoral Stimulation

The Magic Vibrator massager was specially designed for clitoris stimulation, size and powerful vibrating modes, Tease your clit today, the correct stimulation of this area can give new and unforgettable sensations to a women.

Special Features of the Ultimate Magic Massager

There are several special features of this powerful Massaging vibrator being, It is a powerful hand-held massager that a soft, flexible head delivers powerful vibration and massage. The massager is used to relax the following: neck & back pain, strained muscles or woe, nerve injury and stress, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Partial paralysis due to stroke, Stress, Strained or sore muscles

What size is this vibrator?

Well, the length of this vibrator is 32 cm length 5 cm diameter, it has a silicone soft head, which is removable head to fit many similar size attachment, use your personal like attachment by one wand vibrator rather than buy other wand vibrators. Also runs on 240 volts with 1 metre cord and Australian plug.

Ultimate Magic Massager Features

  • Powerful 30 modes functions
  • Soft and flexible head
  • Length 32 cm, Width 5 cm
  • Massages neck, arms, legs and back
  • Clitoral Massager ( clitoral stimulation )
  • Helps Relax Sore Muscles

Additional information

Weight400 kg

2 reviews for New 30 Speed Ultimate Magic Massager

  1. Amy

    Very powerful massager

  2. Victoria

    A few words to sum this up is orgasmic squirting sensations.Thank you guys.

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