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Mens 4 Pack

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This men’s pack of sex toys includes the Verspanken Bumpy Stroker, Mistress Dani Deluxe Mouth Stroker, Vivid Raw Hot Ass Booty stroker, and the High Rize Beginner Trigger Penis Pump.

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Men’s 4 Pack Sex Toys Bundle

This men’s pack of sex toys includes the Verspanken Bumpy Stroker, Mistress Dani Deluxe Mouth Stroker, Vivid Raw Hot Ass Booty stroker, and the High Rize Beginner Trigger Penis Pump.

Verspanken Bumpy Stroker – RRP $67.45

The Verspanken Bumpy Stroker is all about you, the pressure, temperature that feels right and texture. Open-ended housing and snap closure, the user controls the pressure. Unlike other toys, the user can change the texture and even the temperature experience.

Verspanken allows for a myriad of stroking techniques, try the upward curl, rocking and swivelling or maybe the twist! Since the Verspanken is open-ended stroker, cleanup is a breeze.

Bumpy gets it’s name from all the bumps over the foam wieners, added feeling for stronger ejaculation with each stroke. ( view Verspanken Bumpy Stroker )

Bumpy Stroker Features

  • Bumpy Foam Wieners
  • Opened housing, snaps closed
  • Easy cleaning
  • Size length 9 inch, x 4 inch wide

Mistress Dani Mouth Stroker – RRP $73.95

The Mistress Dani Deluxe Mouth Stroker is a male sex toy that is molded directly from this pornstars mouth. Dani’s ultra-realistic life-like Bioskin mouth stroker sleeve is plushy, with squeezable texture, bouncy and clingy, gripping your cock tight all the way through a multi-textured tunnel with sections of patterned ridges and layered nubs.

Mistress Dani Deluxe Mouth Stroker features a unique silicone plug for controlling suction, keep in the silicone plug for maximum suction strength, or remove the silicone plug for relaxed suction.

To clean, take out the sleeve and rinse it well using warm water, it’s very important to let the insert dry completely before storing it away. Leave it out until then and just sprinkle it liberally with renewing powder to restore softness when needed. ( view Mistress Dani Deluxe Mouth Stroker )

Mistress Dani Features:

  • Male stroker, masturbator
  • Molded directly from Dani
  • Multi-textured tunnel
  • Realistic tight entry
  • Ribbed case
  • Suction control
  • Length: 8 inches, width: 3.3 inches
  • Signature life-like Bioskin material

Vivid Raw Hot Ass Booty – RRP $79.95

The Vivid Raw Hot Ass Booty stroker with realistic anus waiting for your man meat. Life-like pure skin designed to simulate the feeling of a real anus swallowing your penis.

Vivid Anus stroker comes with 2 heating rods which slip into the 2 slots on the back of the stroker. Life-like heated masturbator warms up to a pleasurable 131°F/55°C for mind-blowing real feel encounters.

Realistic Booty on the outside, stretchy designed to lavish realistic sensations along your full length with every stroke. Delivers amazingly realistic sensations and life-like detail to mimic the feel of a real anus. ( view Vivid Raw Hot Ass Booty stroker )

Product Key Features

  • Pure Skin Thermoplastic TPR
  • Realistic Anus
  • Easy cleaning
  • 2 Heating rods included
  • Heated stroker
  • Soft, tight, and stretchy
  • 5.75″ x 3″ / 14.5cm x 7.5cm (Masturbator)

Beginners Trigger Penis Pump – RRP $29.45

The High Rize Beginner Trigger Penis Pump is developed as a safe, affordable, non-surgical alternative to expensive medical procedures and pills, this handheld penis pump is the easy way to instantly enlarge your penis without any negative side effects. Discover thick, throbbing erections that last and last with this penis pump.

Simply insert your penis into the vacuum cylinder tube, squeeze the trigger, and watch your penis swell with power! The soft silicone sleeve forms a perfectly tight seal against the skin and creates a powerful vacuum inside the chamber, forcing your erection to quickly expand its length and girth.

The clear, vacuum cylinder allows you to see your penis get bigger and fatter with each squeeze of the trigger. The cylinder is textured for a firm grip and has a convenient ruler to measure your growth. When you’ve reached your desired size, simply pull the quick-release trigger to instantly relieve the pressure and you’re ready to play.

When you’re done using the High Rize Beginner Trigger Penis Pump, simply detach the cylinder from the hose and cleanup is a snap with a toy cleaner and warm water. ( view High Rize Beginner Trigger Penis Pump )

Product Features

  • Penis pump
  • Penis enlarger
  • Ball pump handle
  • Quick-release button
  • TPR, ABS and silicone materials
  • Length: 8.66″ (22 cm)
  • Width: 2.71″ (6.9 cm)


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